About Me

Hey It's Mel Rodriguez!
I've been modeling for 10 Years, Born and raised in Arizona. Heart divided between California and Arizona!
I shoot a variety of genres, from commercial , glamour, fitness, fashion , bikini, sports, live shoots, fashion shows and more. I attend and work multiple events through out the year with some amazing people. I love interacting with the crowd and meeting new people at my events!
Overall, photography has been a passion of mine and I love capturing the right shot. Creativity is something I strive for during all my shoots. I love a challenge and will succeed on what ever is thrown at me. I have plenty of goals and i'm very determined to accomplish them. I'm a high energy person and I get along with just about everyone.
I grew up as a sports girl, and absolutely love staying active. There's nothing better than the outdoors and traveling the world. I'm a spontaneous person and I love trying new things.
Come join the life I live and follow me on all social media! Don't hesitate to reach out, I love meeting new faces!

"Smile because it's contagious".